Copper Metal Roof Panels


Copper roofs have been used for centuries. It is a beautiful metal that has been traced to have been mined in Cyprus as far back as BC. Therefore, making it one of the first metals to be used by ancient civilization.

For several reasons architects have selected to utilize copper on many luxury homes, hotels, government, and historical buildings over the years. Copper sheets permit lower pitched roofs to be covered, where other material would not be permissible. Its flexibility allows for a smooth surface over curved forms such as domes and dormers. Its oxidization, over time, creates a protective layer for the metal beneath. Although it could take over 20 years to develop the patina in dryer climates naturally. There are alternatives to advance the oxidation process, creating the beautiful look that we see on many of the historical structures today.  However, for those that prefer to keep the new shiny appearance of copper, that is an alternative too.

It is important to seek out those experienced in working with copper for all your copper roof projects. Our copper craftsman has been working with copper for 30 years and will personally handle your project.

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Copper roof

Copper roofs are by far one of the most intriguing roofs. Not only is it appealing to the eye but offers several benefits.

The Benefits of a Copper Roof

Environmentally Friendly

An estimated 80% of copper that has been mined is circulating today. The composition of copper when used under normal conditions does not lose chemical nor physical properties that are considered harmful to the environment, therefore making it an ideal material to recycle as well. Which is beneficial to the environment.


Copper does not degrade easily and is long-lasting. Even when it is recycled it does not lose performance. It is uncommon for a properly installed copper roof to have to be replaced prior to 50 years. In most cases it will endure way beyond, as it is resistant to climatic constrains.


Due to the lightweight of copper, it is installable on most existing structures without having to be concerned of the weight factor. This by passes additional framing expense, and in some cases may be installed over existing roofs.

Energy Efficient

Copper is known to reflect the heat instead of absorbing heat, therefore contributing to lower utility bills. In turn your AC unit will be used less.

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