Slate roof

A kept up slate, copper or clay tile roof could last 100 + years

One of the most important investments is our home. So why do so many people wait for an indoor leak to occur before calling out to a roofer? Perhaps they don’t feel it necessary for a roof to have a routine maintenance.  Maybe it’s true, out of site out of mind. After all it’s not as though we walk out our door and look at our roof. No leak no reason to look at your roof? Right? Wrong! However, most of us that own automobiles, know that we must schedule regular maintenance. If we don’t, we know that there may be consequences in the long run. Imagine not rotating your tires or changing out your tires until you have a blowout. We wouldn’t think of it. So maybe we don’t conduct maintenance on our roof as often as our vehicles, but at the very least it should be completed once a year. Looking for signs of interior damage is a sure way to easily determine that you probably have a roof or gutter issue that needs repair. Interior signs to look for may be wet spots, cracked plaster, or discoloration on either ceilings, floors, or walls. After any type of severe weather. It’s highly recommended to take a walk around the perimeter of your home or building taking note of damages that might have occurred. Address damages immediately so that they don’t create new ones. When a slate, copper or clay tile roof is kept up, the expectancy could be 100 plus years. Hiring a professional roofer (not just any roofing company, but a company that specializes in your type of roof) to inspect your roof and clean out gutter on an annual basis could save you money. Waiting until you have a water issue will most likely cost you more. Take a look at what to look for on a slate roof.

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